Medical Detox in Alice, TX

Medical detox in Alice is a treatment method that involves administering medications and having a person participate in counseling and education sessions, all with the goal of helping a person break their physical addiction associated with drug abuse. When a person is addicted to a particular substance, their brain and body are accustomed to the substance's presence.

When a person stops abusing a drug, the body starts to experience symptoms as a result of the drug not being in the system. These are known as withdrawal symptoms. Because drugs and alcohol affect the brain and body in different ways, there are different symptoms associated with drug withdrawals.

Through participation in a medical detox program, a person can hear from medical experts that their symptoms are normal and expected. They can also receive medications that help to reduce some of the more difficult symptoms to navigate.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated With Medical Detox

Medical detox symptoms can vary based on the substance the person has a history of abusing. Sometimes symptoms are mild, such as a headache, feeling very tired, or having mild body pains. For others, the symptoms can be severe and include severe nausea, suicidal thoughts, and severe body aches. It is difficult to predict who will experience severe symptoms and who will not.

However, the longer and more of a substance a person has abused, the more likely they are to have severe symptoms. By choosing a medical detox in Alice, a person can have help for whatever symptoms they may experience. While the detox process can be unpleasant, treatment can help to reduce the side effects as much as possible.

Why Is It Dangerous to Detox at Home?

While most of the symptoms associated with detox are uncomfortable to hard to go through, they are not usually life-threatening. However, there are exceptions as well as unusual reactions and mental health changes a person may experience that mean it is much safer for a person to detox at a facility for medical detox in Alice as compared to detoxing at home.

There are many reasons detoxing at home can be a dangerous proposition. First, a person could experience severe symptoms and be unable to call for medical help. An example is going through alcohol addiction rehab in Alice can alleviate a syndrome known as the delirium tremens or DTs. This syndrome causes a person to have severe and life-threatening symptoms, such as hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and high body temperatures.

Also, a person going through drug detox at home may make it through several days of detox without realizing they are almost to the end of their symptoms. However, they may not feel as if they can hold out any longer and start using drugs again.

Often, they will even use more of a drug than they usually do as their way of compensating for the missed drug amounts. Unfortunately, this leads to a much higher risk for overdose that could have been overcome by choosing to go to a medical detox treatment facility.

Why Should I Enter a Medical Detox Center?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, medical detoxification "safely manages the physical symptoms of withdrawal." In short, it is the first step to the rest of a person's life. Entering a medical detox facility provides a person with a great degree of support, encouragement, and physical safety.

However, it's important that a person understand that medical detox is only the first step on the pathway to continued sobriety. A person must continue their sobriety through outpatient rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation treatment programs in Alice.

Reasons a person needs to enter a medical detox in Alice include:

  • A person has struggled with the law due to their drug and alcohol abuse.
  • A person has experienced medical problems related to their drug abuse.
  • A person is ready to quit abusing drugs and alcohol, but isn't sure how to overcome their problem.
  • A person had been sober from drug and alcohol abuse for some time, but returned to abuse and needs help to break the physical addiction.
  • A person is afraid to stop using drugs and/or alcohol for fear of the withdrawal symptoms that could occur.

No matter the substance or substances abused, a medical detox program can help a person go through the detox process and emerge as a sober individual. Afterwards, they are then ready to pursue a sober lifestyle through continued drug rehabilitation treatment programs. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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