Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Alice, TX

A person suffering from alcohol addiction has a mental illness that causes them to crave alcohol, despite knowing that alcohol is affecting their life and their health. Often, one of the only interventions that can help a person suffering from alcohol addiction is alcohol addiction rehab in Alice.

Alcohol addiction occurs when a person loses control over their relationship with alcohol. Their body becomes dependent on the substance, and they find themselves needing to drink more and more of it in order to minimize the withdrawal symptoms associated with physical dependence.

A common misconception surrounding alcohol addiction is that a person can simply gather up their willpower and quit drinking. However, this is far from true.

Alcohol addiction rehab in Alice is a treatment that involves helping a person undergo withdrawals from alcohol, which can often be severe. Then, there are available behavioral treatment programs in Alice that can help a person break their mental addiction to the substance as well.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also approved medications specifically used for the treatment of alcohol addiction. These medications can reduce the rate of relapse for those in alcohol addiction recovery.

Dangers of Alcohol

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 88,000 people die each year related to excessive alcohol use. Sadly, alcohol addiction cuts short the life of many individuals by as much as 30 years.

Additionally, the costs of alcohol consumption in the United States are estimated at $249 billion. Alcohol addiction rehab aims to reduce a person's dependence, which can be a life-saving intervention.

Alcohol addiction can cause both short- and long-term health consequences. This is because drinking can affect a person's decision-making and also increases a person's risk for accidents and injuries related to their drinking. Examples of potential short-term consequences associated with drinking include:

  • Injuries, such as due to motor vehicle crashes, drownings, and falls
  • Victims of violence, such as murders, suicide, assault, and sexual assault
  • Alcohol poisoning, a condition that occurs when a person drinks too much and has excessively high blood alcohol levels that their body cannot process
  • Contracting diseases from risky sexual behaviors, such as sexually transmitted diseases and HIV

In addition to the short-term health risks associated with alcohol addiction, there are long-term health risks due to drinking that can shorten a person's life. Examples of these risks include:

  • Greater risk for chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and digestive issues.
  • Higher risk for cancers, including those of the colon, esophagus, liver, throat, and mouth
  • Affected thinking, including memory problems and dementia
  • Greater risks for mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety

Some of the most significant long-term health damage can come to the liver due to alcohol abuse. The liver is responsible for breaking down and filtering many toxins in the body. The constant strain and demands of having to break down the toxins from alcohol can cause scarring to the liver. This is known as cirrhosis.

In addition, a person is more likely to experience liver concerns, such as hepatitis. If the liver becomes too scarred, it cannot function appropriately. Without a well-functioning liver, a person will die. It is very important a person enter alcohol addiction rehab in Alice in order to prevent these short- and long-term health effects due to drinking.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Alice?

Detoxifying from alcohol addiction can, in some instances, be a life-threatening event. This is because alcohol withdrawals is associated with a syndrome known as the delirium tremens or DTs. This condition can cause a person to experience seizures, hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and high body temperatures that can be deadly if the person does not have medical help available.

While only a small percentage of people will experience this condition, seeking alcohol rehab provides the support needed to ensure if problems do occur, they are in a safe and medically supported environment.

In addition to these considerations, alcohol addiction rehab in Alice can provide medications to ease the withdrawal process as much as possible. Even if a person does not go through the DTs, they can still experience severe withdrawals, such as nausea, difficulty sleeping, muscle pain, and strong cravings. Through medication administration, this process can be eased as much as possible.

Learning to live a life free from alcohol can feel like learning to walk all over again. A person has to completely change their ways of thinking and acting. Alcohol addiction treatment can provide the most effective and researched methods to accomplish this so a person does not have to struggle as much as they work toward achieving sobriety. Call us now for help and to learn more about our drug rehab in Alice at (877) 804-1531.

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