Drug Intervention in Alice, TX

A drug intervention in Alice is a meeting among loved ones and a person who is struggling with drug addiction. The meeting relays the severity of a person's addiction and emphasizes the importance that the person seek treatment as quickly as possible in order to break free from drug addiction and possibly save their life.

Unfortunately, those who struggle with drug addiction are often in denial about their problem. They think they could quit abusing drugs at any time or that their drug use is not impacting others. However, the opposite is usually true. At a drug addiction intervention, friends and family members discuss how the person's drug abuse has impacted the person as well as those around them.

An intervention can be difficult to plan and coordinate as it does have the potential to upset the person even more and potentially cause them to withdraw from friends and family. This is why many people will consult an addiction professional to help them plan the intervention.

Examples of professionals that could provide help include a social worker, psychologist, or drug addiction counselor. Through careful planning and execution, a drug intervention in Alice can help a person see that they do need to seek addiction treatment.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, there are some types of people who struggle with addiction who should always seek the assistance of an intervention specialist. Examples include:

  • A person with a history of serious mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
  • A person with a history of violence
  • A person with a history of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or suicide attempts
  • A person who may be taking several substances known to alter their mood

Any time that loved ones think an individual may react negatively to an intervention, including engaging in violent outbursts, they should seek the assistance of an intervention professional.

How to Stage an Intervention

Staging an intervention requires taking some time for careful planning and consulting friends and family as well a drug addiction intervention specialist as needed. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following are steps associated with staging a drug intervention in Alice:

Step 1: Create a Plan: A few loved ones may get together to discuss the need to hold an intervention and may potentially contact an intervention specialist. They should start researching available treatment programs in Alice to determine options they could either enroll their loved one in or review the options and treatment programs with their loved one.

Step 2: Determine Who Will Participate in the Intervention: Not all people who participate in the planning or who are close to the individual may be the best choices for participating in the intervention. Participants should be those who are able to keep a level head and stick to a script when it comes to the meeting itself. They should prepare things to say based on how they may have been personally affected by the loved one's drug abuse or how they have seen their loved one change as a result of their substance abuse.

Step 3: Agree On Specific Consequences: A drug addiction intervention is a serious meeting, and one where consequences should be relayed should the person refuse to seek treatment. Examples may include being cut off financially, loss of visitation with children, or other repercussions that relay the serious nature of the meeting.

Step 4: Hold the Meeting: An addiction specialist can make specific recommendations based on a loved one's history as to the best day and time to host an intervention. Sometimes the best time to host the meeting is when a person is likely to be their most sober, such as early in the morning. The meeting should not be at a time where the person will be rushed as this will elevate their stress levels and make the already-stressful meeting even more so.

Step 5: Follow Up: Friends and family should continue to follow up with their loved one, ensuring they are seeking treatment and supporting that person as they are able. They may offer to drive the person to counseling sessions for relapse prevention in Alice so they can recognize the early signs that a person may be heading for a relapse.

What Can I Expect from An Intervention?

When carefully planned, a drug intervention in Alice is usually met with an agreement to seek help and treatment for the person's problems. Although this does not happen 100 percent of the time, a drug intervention for addiction does provide the person with a "wake-up call" that others notice and know about their addiction and that it is affecting others.

Ideally, the person will agree to seek treatment. If the person does not, those participating in the drug addiction intervention know they did what they could to try and help the person become sober. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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